Thursday, 1 March 2012

A lot done today!

No pics today.....just a list of jobs done for my records...... Manured the tunnel beds. Weeded and watered the tunnel strawberries. Then "fed" them. Sowed the sweet peas in Rootrainers, and settled in the sunroom on the windowsill. Sowed cabbage "Greyhound" 8 modules. Broccoli PSB 8 modules. Calabrese 8 modules. Kale (dwarf) 4 modules. Brussels 4 modules. Fertilised (chicken manure pellets) the beds for onions and peas/beans. Sowed 4 rows Kelvedon Wonder. 6 rows of broad beans (Witkelm Manita and Stereo) and netted them all so that the cat doesn't dig them up. That's enough for one day. Weather was wonderful after the fog lifted. The foghorns in the Solent were going until after lunch!!!