Sunday, 13 February 2011

Visit to Wisley

Today we had to go all the way to Kent and back to visit someone in hospital. We broke the journey at Wisley, as usual, and I had a few minutes to pop up to the Model Vegetable Garden to have a quick look at what is going on there this year.
What a disappointment!
Last year they had started from scratch with this beautiful little veg/fruit garden, with stepover apples dividing the beds up into interesting areas planted with a mammoth amount of veg. The three following photos show how it looked in the summer. It was a real delight!



So today I thought I would just see how it looked over the winter. I was shocked to find it had all gone (even the wonderful stepover fruit bushes only planted in the beds last year)! They now have it as a boring rhubarb trial bed! Wasn't even worth a photo.......
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  1. too bad to see they took it out. Maybe they will set something good for spring

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  3. I'm interested to find out what 'step-over" apples are (I'm off to find out by google.) Our apples aren't producing much any more (they are dwarf ones, planted years ago and now quite shaded by other trees) so I'm looking for new ideas in the apple area.
    Marybinpei (from Ravelry)